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    MXA Wrecking Crew Goes to Holland

    2020 Jun

    "Being a free spirit that I am. I always accept my MXA assignments, and I have visited Holland many times to race." Join Dennis' adventure to visit Twin Air and watch MXON in Holland.

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    MXA Wrechking Crew Goes to China

    2020 Apr

    Since China has always been a place of mystery to me, I wanted to travel there and race. So when I got an offer as FIM test race for one of the two proposed Chinese MXGP events, I jumped at it.

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    The Foolishness of Men of A Certain Age

    2019 Dec

    Dennis Stapleton is proud to have made the top ten in the Over-30 Pro Class 6 times.

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    Dubya USA World Vet Motocross Championship

    2019 Nov

    The 2019 Dubya USA World Vet Motocross Championship and the first-ever World Cup of Nations team race is officially in the books and it was definitely one to remember.

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    The Steve Matthes Show (Podcast)

    2019 May

    Matthes catches up to pro rider turned MXA tester Dennis Stapleton on his racing career, testing for Honda, all his travels around the world, working for MXA, orange helmets and more.

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    Hattah Vets Class Goes To Sherco

    2018 Oct

    The experienced motocross rider Dennis Stapleton entered the Hattah Desert Race, taking on the Veteran's class aboard a Motul Pirelli Sherco 450 SEF-R, and walked away with the class win.

    2018 TransAm Vet Classic | Transworld Motocross

    2018 Mar

    Dennis Stapleton is a lead tester for the MXA Wrecking Crew, but he'll be the best of them this weekend at Glen Helen at the TransAM Vet Classic, Mar 23-25 .

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    Radio Interview : BIG MT

    2017 Apr

    From a young age, Dennis Stapleton's passion for motocross has grown. He has made the best of his opportunities and today we shed light on his life so far in motocross.

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    Annual Motocross Jam Fest zooms through Combat Center​

    2017 Mar

    Dennis Stapleton proudly displays his trophy at the conclusion of the event at 13th and Dunham aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, Calif.

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    What Motocross Looks In The Arabian Peninsula

    2013 Dec

    Dennis teaches motocross schools, riders the Arab Nationals and has groups of young Kuwaiti motocross racers tome to America to see what the sport is really like through his Stapo MX program.

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    Dennis of Arabia : Search of The Spirit of Motocross

    2013 Jul

    It's not like I have a bucket list, but I had never been to the Middle East, and I was excited to check it out. After a 24-hr flight that crossed 10 time zones, I arrived in Kuwait City to discover a really sophisticated city that seemingly sprouted up out of the desert sand.

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    Dennis Stapleton makes the sports page in Gulf Times

    2013 Feb

    For first time ever in Qatar, a motocross event was organized on an international track with the participation of 35 riders from 12 different nations. Motocross Action’s Dennis Stapleton won both motos. 

    2012 Supercross in Finland

    2012 Feb

    Supercross & Freestyleshow at Helsink, Feb 3 ~ 4

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    Stapleton Leads Int'l Riders In World Motocross Series

    2011 Apr

    Manila, Philippines - Dennis Stapleton led a mighty 1-2-4 American finish in the trails of the International Open side of the 2011 Enersel Forte Worl Motocross series.

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    Interview On Racers

    2010 Jun

    Between AMA Motocross, the GP at Glen Helen, and racing in Europe, Dennis sometimes juggles as many as ten jobs at a time. We caught him just as he was booking a flight to Denmark for this interview.

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    Interview With A True Privateer

    2005 Dec

    Who is Dennis Stapleton? To many spectators at the Nationals he’s just a three-digit rider trying to make the main events race in and race out.Here’s what he had to say.

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